Our Vision

Chapbooks that awaken the best version of ourselves. 

Heal the People. Heal the Planet. One Chapbook at a Time.

Seed House Press is a growing publishing company founded by Kimberly McElhatten. As a writing coach, she noticed the publishing industry didn’t offer a first step for authors in wellness and spirituality space. Seed House Press fills that void. 

We publish first and second chapbooks by unagented authors to help them grow their impact and platforms.

We sow the seeds for the thriving publishing careers of wellness and helping professionals. Our authors are spiritual warriors who inspire personal development, spiritual awakening, and deep inner work in others. 

We publish creative nonfiction, memoir, wisdom books, and poetry chapbooks that aid the work of spiritual seekers in all wisdom traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Native American, Celtic, and more.

how we work

We bring expert insight into the literary publishing space and offer an authentic publishing journey and compassionate mentoring. 

We know that the publishing and editing industry often exploit authors without deliverying quality services. That’s not us. As a first step in an author’s publishing career, we grow their craft, mindset, and publishing acumen to prepare them for what’s next on their journey. 

We coach and mentor our authors.

We believe that writers are grown, not born. Once we accept a book for publication, we mentor and coach our authors through the editing and revision process. This includes holistic focus on our authors to grow their craft as well as their mindset. Because we follow a traditional publishing model, this is at not cost to our authors. We are not a vanity or hybrid press.  

We offer an authentic publication journey.

Behind every great author is a team of great editors and designers. Our authors and their books experience an exhaustive journey to publication. Our process produces powerful books that awaken the best parts of ourselves. 

We pay royalties upfront, upon publication.

When we accept a proposal, we trust the chapbook will have a successful launch. This means we believe your book will sell 100-200 copies in its first printing. Currently, we do not offer book advances.